Coaching W[O]RKS …with purpose to train our youth and young adults worldwide by providing a skill set they will utilize correctly & repetitively for consistent results.


Coaching WRKS is a belief held and adhered to by the many, across sports and business industries worldwide.

Coaching WRKS is yours and mine in purpose and function daily.

Coaching WRKS is a movement alive in action religiously nurturing, truth-telling, inspiring and motivating.


What inspired you to become a coach?

…It’s award ceremony night for Youth Hoops of Indianapolis the spring of 2003. And, our team is ready to receive their Runner Up trophies after winning only one game all season. You see we only had one day of practice and two games a week due to logistics. The girls were between the ages of six and nine years old; for most of them it was their first time playing a team sport. After witnessing each girl crying tears of defeat following our third loss in a row. I made them a challenging promise that if we keep working on the things that our coaches are preaching and teaching. We were going to get trophies once the season was over. The league coordinator had set up a system that placed all four teams in the playoffs and seeded them accordingly by record. Knowing that playoff format we needed to get each girl locked in on us only winning two games to be champions. Because the league would provide a trophy for the Champions and Runners Up there would not be any participation award. So while we may have missed out on reaching our championship team goal; the priceless joy upon the faces of each little girl resonates with me forever.

Royce King = If “Ball Is Life” was a person.

– Lenny Hooks



Meet ​Royce King, Author of The Situation Remedy, Lead Speaker for @Coaching_WRKS: believers moving with purpose to train our youth and young adults worldwide by providing a skill set they will utilize correctly & repetitively for consistent results. Co-Founder of Basketball Talk University, LLC and Managing Member of Royce King Sports, LLC.​ An ​IHSAA Boys Basketball Tournament Official and NCAA​ ​Division III Women’s Basketball​ ​Official,​ ​a former panel member on the Official NBA FNTSY HOUR  webcast program. A #M14Made Court Leader who served over 400 student athletes enrolled at M14Hoops Indianapolis since 2020.

Royce​ ​is an experienced and well rounded individual who’s relatable and a positive role model who didn’t grow up with it all, like a lot of the students.

-Anonymous quote


Coach Royce is – “a person thinking about and planning the future with imagination & wisdom; who advises or shows the way to others expressly (something) in words.”

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“Royce’s functional qualities… Strategic Maximizer who is a Deliberative Arranger with Intellection.

  • Tested and documented by The Gallup Organization, Strengths Finder in 2006, while employed by The Ministry of Caring, House of Joseph III, in Wilmington, Delaware.