Officiating: The Other Athletes

Are you an avid lover of health & fitness looking to jump start your way into a new career? Register for the Royce King Sports (RKS) Global Official Accurate Training (G.O.A.T.) Program and become a member basketball official today!

Royce King Sports G.O.A.T. Program is a dynamic 16-week program designed for the development of the next generation of quality basketball officials. Registrant will experience hands on training in mastering signals, mechanics, and rules.

The Royce King Sports G.O.A.T. League was crafted by IHSAA Boys Tournament Official and NCAA Division III Women’s Basketball Official, Royce King. King, who first began his officiating career back in 2013, has had a passion for the game since his childhood and continues to be a part of the game long after his playing days. “Because the game of basketball is so popular and continues to expand at every level, its natural that the sports’ personnel will do the same. Just as athletes grow and develop looking to advance to that next level, so too are basketball officials,” says King. “However, it is critical that with an increased demand that the output of officials not only increases, but quality is maintained. At almost any basketball event, you’re sure to find fans, parents, and even players complaining about a bad call from the refs. Officials everywhere, especially basketball officials are most important and are absolutely necessary in order to carry out organized basketball competitions; yet they are the most ridiculed when it comes to the sport.”

“If the game is ever to continue to be played at the best level and maintain a standard of excellence, we have to grow and develop every aspect of the game. That means taking care of the officials. By providing training and development, and ensuring adequate compensation, the standard and value of the official and his/her duties will increase resulting in the elevation of the game.”

“To protect and grow the game of basketball we believe that the implementation of a training program for officials beginning at the youth level will not only develop the next generations of officials, but create new career opportunities for young people before unseen.” King goes on to say, “By appealing to youth and young adults, we give students another option to playing, coaching, or being a sports administrator. As officials, you become keepers of the game; a hybrid athlete who has complete knowledge and authority of the game helping maintain the safety of players and spectators, as well as managing the flow of the game.”

“The plan is to inspire our youth to pick up the ball and wear stripes just like me.”—@royceking #nfhs #ncaa #fiba #wnba #nba #basketball #love #life #family #fun #friends



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