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Welcome everyone to Flows Like Water or just Flow as listed in the site menu. Here is where you and I will begin developing a thought relationship. The points of emphasis in our building process will be to communicate, connect and care on relevant topics in addition to some current events that we feel led to speak on with you the reader. It is my hope that stimulation occurs on all levels philosophical, spiritual, and practical for the use of edification and grace to the hearer.

The first horn sounds for players to exit the huddle signaling to coaches, players, and officials that the timeout called is coming to an end. There’s not much time left to communicate the specific set of instructions for execution of the play drawn up by Coach Brandon. The trail official is standing at half court, opposite the table side, ready to administer live game play inbounding of the basketball. Ten eager players take their places while the center and lead officials count them as they return to the court of play. The crew of officials make eye contact, the offensive players shout out the play call, and the opposition readies themselves in a defensive stance. The build up of intense emotions and energy is palpable throughout the gym as these two teams await the whistle signaling that the ball is live to be put back in play.

“Hustle in everyone! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Coach Brandon says while clapping feverishly beckoning his players into the huddle. “Great job, Kevin! Nice work, Paul! Outstanding effort, Team!” He complimented. “There are two things we need to clean up if we want to win on this final possession. First, we have to make contact setting the screens to free up, Ray! Second, everybody relocates after screening to give us spacing and options should Ray get jammed up,” Coach B explained. “Here’s what its going to look like.” As he completes drawing up the play to run with precision Coach asks, “Does anyone have any questions? We Got it?!?!” The team simultaneously yells out, “Yes, Coach!!” He nods while affirming, “Gooood. Win on three. One, two, three! WIN!!” The Finishers GO back out onto the court READY for victory.

Life often provides us with multiple starting positions within a multitude of action moves that requires us to learn how to be in the best finishing position. Yet the question remains, “Are we living amongst one another actively aware of these facts?” My attempt to communicate, connect, care by using fictitious accounts should be used to cleanup our interactions. Life is a sport and many do play to win; while not all see it the same way as I see it. Undoubtedly, knowing your personnel in our specific arena enlightens us and highlights our ability to make the next best move for triumph.

He that believeth in Me out of him shall flow…John 7:38 paraphrase

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