Amirah KingAmirah King aka “MAJIIC”, is a young professional in the visual arts industry in pursuit of her Bachelor’s degree with concentrations in Photojournalism and Sociology.

Current business owner of #MAJIICSHOTS – a comprehensive visual arts company – Amirah has extensive knowledge and experience in Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, and everything in between. With an impressive portfolio and tech savvy mentality, Amirah is a valued affiliate and asset to the RoyceKingSports (RKS) team. imageAs leader of the RKS “We Got Action” division, MAJIIC specializes in documenting special moments, catching the little details, and creating smiles for the athlete, business professionals, and more.

IMG_1712Whether it’s shining lights in dark spaces, or giving clarity to the blurry spots, through creative perception, Amirah has designed the RKS logo & motion graphic, in addition to capturing some exciting events filled with action, motion, and drama. This includes covering the WNBA’s Indiana Fever personnel for select home games, sporting events, and a variety of other events, topics, and issues across the U.S.


Screenshot 2017-10-06 at 12.38.49 PM - Edited
The Indiana Fever “Squad” image (bottom) was featured on the Official Instagram account of the Fever and guard Erica Wheeler (17). Courtesy photo/MAJIICSHOTS

Other activities that make Amirah happiest, include traveling, expanding her food palate, writing, music binges, watching documentaries, and all things art and technology related. Amirah currently resides in Muncie, IN.

AmirahFor inquiries on RKS “We Got Action” or how you can be an affiliate of the RKS Team, check out the SERVICES page for details, and see more of Amirah’s work at #MAJIICSHOTS VISUALS.